Legal Advisor/Consultant

The Indian Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry has often been viewed very negatively market by many in America. The legal outsourcing industry that was once “taking” jobs from American lawyers has now become a provider as U.S. attorneys serve Indian LPOs as advisors, trainers, supervisors and managers. Exact Legal Review's team of expert attorneys can benefit Indian LPOs in five capacities.

Document Review

Exact Legal Review offers U.S. quality legal document review - both litigation and due diligence - at off-shore prices. Exact Legal Review’s attorneys are American attorneys who are fluent in American English and thoroughly familiar with American culture. Document review usually involves reading emails and other correspondence. Since our attorneys are U.S. educated and licensed, we are well versed in the cultural, social and political references. As a result, our document review projects are completed more accurately and efficiently.

What is Our Expertise

Exact Legal Review’s expertise is in providing on-shore quality legal services at offshore prices. We can share our expertise with an LPO in India in need of a U.S. legal advisor or a U.S. law firm seeking an outsourcing company. Drawing on Israel’s large pool of U.S. educated, trained and licensed attorneys, Exact Legal Review possesses a staff of highly experienced attorneys who moved to Israel after successful careers in America practicing corporate, criminal, patent and civil rights as partners of large wall street firms or solo practitioners.

Who We Are

Jonathan Easton, President of Exact Legal Review, brings a unique blend of civil rights law expertise and successful business experience. He has been a member of the Massachusetts Bar since 1994. In recent years, Jonathan was one of IDT’s top lawyers in its electronic document review team specializing in high technology patent law cases. While at Innodata-Isogen, Jonathan also managed teams of lawyers in Israel, India and the Philippines. Jonathan also served as a legal consultant to a Newark, New Jersey law firm. The one drawback that Maxalt has is that you must always have it with you. For many of us, it\'s an occasional situation, something that happens from time to time and can be fixed by simply getting some rest. imitrex.html. Long bouts of insomnia, however, can lead to a condition known as sleep deprivation which can be very serious and lead to other health problems if it is not treated quickly. When prescribed to a seizure patient, Klonopin can prove very helpful in preventing and controlling seizure activity. website. There exists the possibility of addiction so it must be taken exactly as instructed by your physician to avoid this situation. valium.html. It is important to follow all instructions from your dermatologist during this time to increase your chances of success. page. By interrupting these electrical signals the brain no longer realizes the trauma exists and does not create the sensation of pain. about Soma. When daily life is brought to a stop by an overwhelming sense of worry a person is suffering from what is known as a generalized anxiety disorder.

“Jonathan Easton was one of the top performers at Power Legal. He could always be trusted to complete his assignments accurately and efficiently. Whether asked to work independently or with a team, Jonathan conducted himself professionally. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jonathan again.” Jonathan Inker, Director of IDT Power Legal